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Tour code : INSUM 3

Day 1 : Arrival Medan – Bohorok / Bukit Lawang

Pick up from airport and citytour visiting the sultan palace of malay Deli-Maimoon, colorful Buddhist temple Vihara Gunung Timur and black-domed grand mosque Almashum built in 1906 by ducth architect. Then drive to bukit lawang, yhe Orangutan rehabilitationcentre located in Gunung Leuser  National Park. This is one of the largest national park in the world containing over 800,000 ha of virgin rainforest. Afternoon to relax. Accommodation available in bukit lawang are simple but comfortable enough nicely located by the river side on the outskirts of the park. The rooms comes up with traditional Indonesia shower with only cold water.              ( Travel time approximately 4 hours drive )

Day 2 : Visit the Feeding Site Of Orang Utan

Walk along the river side till the crossing point where a small canoe waits and takes you to the other side of the river. Followed by a short hike up to visit the feeding place where the orangutans are fed and trained to live in the wild. It is a marvelous sight to see the orangutans coming around by swinging  freely in the jungle in order to reach the feeding spot. After the visit, jungle trek about 2-3 hours deeper in the park to explore more tropical flora and fauna. Walking in the forest is always via small often muddy and irregular paths. You will go up and down hill (seldom flat walking). Those who don’t like this trek can return to hotel and rela

Remarks :

Those bringing camera /video in the feeding place will be charged additional Rp 50,000 for video and not refundable in case the Orangutan does not show up during the feeding time. At certain time, usually in the fruit season the Orangutan might not appear in the feeding place as they might get fed enough by nature deep in the wild but it happens rarely.

Day 3 : Bukit Lawang – Tangkahan By Local Jeep

Breakfast and followed by a 4-weel drive to Tangkahan, a peaceful jungle retreat still located in Gunung Leuser Park but far as touristy as Bukit Lawang. It is one of the finest of national parks of Indonesia and home to an impressive number of mammal species like tiger’s, orangutan, gibbons, elephants and rhino’s. The jeeptrip will pass by plantation tracks and rural areas, a bit bumpiy drive but great fun. The jeeps are often different shape, some are closed but most jeeps are open top. You will by stated on uncomfortable seats, or your cold just stand up. Take rain clothes with you and make sure that your luggage is covered by plastic. Arrive in Tangkahan, acrros the river by canoe and than a stair and a 200 meter walk to reach your accommodation. Your accommodation is very basic built with simple materials to keep in harmony with nature but beautifully located by the river side and surrounded by virgin rainforest including all its typical sound and scents. Each room has own bathroom but comes up with traditional Indonesia shower. Electricity run by own generation and not available after 22:00 pm.   ( Travel time approximately 4 hours drive )

In the afternoon you have chance to take elephant ride patrolling the forest, to see and help elephant bathing in the river or swim under jungle waterfall. Remember the elephant ride and elephant bathing is not available on Monday and Thursday

Day 4 : Tangkahan – Berastagi

Across back the river by canoe and drive on the first 2 hours over a bit bumpy plantation tracks. After this part you will drive over normal road till Berastagi, a mountain resort  situated on the Karo plateau on about 1400 meter above  the sea level. It is the homeland of the Karo Batak, one of the six Batak tribes that in habitat the province of north Sumatra. Before arriving at hotel, stop and wander around local fruit market.      ( Travel time approximately 6 hours drive )

Day 5 : Berastagi – Lake Toba / Samosir Island

Scenic drive to lake Toba, one of the deepest and largest crater lake in the world with stop at Dokan, a small Batak Karo village with a number of traditional houses still being inhabited where eight families live in together in each house and you can have a look inside. Second stop at Sipiso piso waterfall located at the edge of lake toba. Next stop at Pematang Purba, the sight of the former palace (Long House) of Batak King Simalungun. The building is not inhabited anymore but the sight will give you a good idea of how the king used to live. From Pematang Purba you will continue your way following a small road (sometime in bad condition) to Prapat, a resort town on shore of lake toba. Upon arrival across onboard (by public boat) to Samosir island where you will stay for two nights. Atahe boat will probably stops several times to drop other passengers. You will be dropped right in front of your hotel. (Travel time approximately 5 hours drive + 45 minutes boat ride)

Day 6 : Discover Samosir

Today you will explore the natural beauty and cultural aspect of batak toba. You will visit ambarita where the remnant megalithic culture of batak toba lies in front of wooden traditional houses. Continue to Simanindo to see the folkdance performed by the villager. Here you also can visit a museum built in typical batak style. On returning to hotel visiting tomok village with its very old and nicely decorated sarchopagus.

Day 7 : Samosir Island – Medan Airport

Across back onboard (by public boat) to parapat and return to medan passing by town of pematang siantar with its vast view of oilpalm and rubber plantation. Upon arrival direct transfer to airport for your onward flight.    ( Travel time approximately 45 minutes boat ride + 5 hours drive )


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